Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Registration (Schloss Eckartsau)

Session 1: Political Culture in Europe 1918 to 1939

10:30-11:00   Main Hall

Welcome address

Rudolf Freidhager (Österreichische Bundesforste/Austrian Federal Forests)

11:00-12:30   Main Hall

Keynote 1

Margaret MacMillan (Oxford University):

The Long Shadow of the Paris Peace Treaties of 1919 and the Impact on Europe in 2018

Keynote 2

Oliver Schmitt (University of Vienna):

The Balkan States and the Impact of Regional Political Cultures since 1918

Discussant: Ian Bateson (Journalist and Fulbright Scholar, Kiev)


Lunch break with the opportunity to look around the historic venue (guided tours)


Three parallel panels:

Room 1

Panel 1: Rise and Fall of Young Democracies in Europe 1918–1939 and Political Culture in 2018

Chair: Sylvia Kritzinger (University of Vienna)

Oliver Rathkolb (University of Vienna): The Long Shadow of Authoritarianism in Central Europe in the 20th Century and Today

Georgi Verbeeck (University of Leuven, and Maastricht University): The Legacies of the Past. Interwar Fascism Compared to Contemporary Right-Wing Populism

Ernst Piper (University of Potsdam): National Socialism. The Career of an Ideology

Room 2

Panel 2: The Rule of Law and the Containment and Power of History after 1918

Chair: Claudia Kraft (University of Vienna)

Miloš Vec (University of Vienna, and Institute for Human Sciences IWM, Vienna): The Rule of Law after 1918 between Internationalism and Nationalism

István Kollai (Corvinus University, Budapest): Ahead of the Byzantine Empire (Instead of Rome): Anti-Western and Western-Sceptic Historical Narratives in the Hungarian Public Discourse

Thomas Walach (University of Vienna): Society Without History. From Post-Historicism to Post-Democracy

Room 3

Panel 3: Macroeconomics and Democracy Redefined

Chair: Karin Scherschel (Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden)

Georg Winckler (University of Vienna): Macroeconomic Policy Approaches to Strengthen Democratic Trends in Europe

Vjeran Katunarić (University of Zadar): The Elective Affinities toward Non-Democracy?

Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos (ARBEIT UND LEBEN Sachsen e.V., Leipzig): Averting the Rise of the Right with a European Welfare State


Coffee break

Fireside chat

17:00-19:00   Main Hall

The Historical Burden of 1918 for Europe Today: Are We at the Dawn of an Authoritarian 21st Century?

Heinz Fischer (Former President of the Republic of Austria)

Elisabeth Holzleithner (University of Vienna)

Irina Scherbakowa (Memorial, Moscow)

Ivan Vejvoda (Institute for Human Sciences IWM, Vienna)

Chair: Eva Nowotny (University of Vienna)


Dinner at Schloss Eckartsau